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Alafiya Hasan, Abhilasha Singh, Shubham Nikhara

Problem Statement

Children, and even adults, are not wholly aware of how to segregate their waste

Given the incredible and inevitable inrease in medical waste during the pandemic as well as the increasingly urgent
garbage situation in India, we need to be more aware of how to properly manage waste.

What Pheko! Does

Pheko! Provides a quick and intuitive way of learning waste management through fun.

It requires players to be aware of the 4 different categories of waste and understand how each of these are
disposed or reused. The cards are not colour coded, so one must know the categories well, which are also going to
be indicated in the manual along with the game.

Basic Outline

An adaptable round-based game, that allows player to customize as per skill/preference

A round-based game creates a lot more incentive for players to be quick and to know their categories well. In a turn
based game, your chance to play is inevitable, but in a round based game, you can easily be defeated by players who
are more well versed with the categories.
Pheko! comes with 5 different types of power cards, but can easily be fun without any of them. As players become
more experienced and familiar with the categories, they can challenge themselves by including these cards and
making the game their own.
This helps them become even more familiar with how these categories of waste can be treated or disposed and
makes Pheko! a game you want to revist over and over again.

Aim & Scope

Our aim is to teach waste management in a very intuitive manner, and through customisation, provide them the
chance to create their own rules and form their own dynamics

There is a lot that can be done with Pheko! as a learning tool for schools and parents as well as a fun game simply
made for latent learning and enjoyment. There is great possibility to add more ‘levels’ as we have done with the
power cards and to make new variations of the game depending on purpose - for example, a learning focussed
version with more information. There are great possibilities for a mechanic like Pheko!’s to be digital as well!

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